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Fill out the form with data you wish to store online. You will be given an unique address to access your content that can be sent over IM/Chat/(Micro)Blog for online collaboration (eg, The following services have been made available by the administrator of this server:
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Just paste your text, sourcecode or conversation into the textbox below, add a name if you wish, you can even upload or copy from another site a 10 Mb image, then hit submit! If your text is a URL, the pastebin will recognize it and will create a URL forwarding page! If you post a URL that links to a video on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion the pastebin will embed the video into the page for easy viewing! To highlight lines, prefix them with @@
Some tips about usage:
If you want to put a message up asking if the user wants to continue, add a "!" suffix to your URL (eg,!).
So what actually gets Encrypted?
Well ! When a password is used to protect your paste, whatever is typed or pasted in to the text area is encrypted using SHA-256 encryption technique and can only be decrypted after submission if the correct password is entered, your data is stored either within a database or folder located on the server, so forgetting your password means your information is lost & cannot be recovered by us either.
However, a decission was made not to encrypt images so that the pastebin is not used for Offensive Material & protects Ourselves & Server of any unforseen issues & such. YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion clips are publically viewable on the internet, so are not encrypted but a password can be used to keep them private. Go Back


A Collaborative debugging tool ! set yourself a password if you want to keep your choosen Syntax Highlighted paste information private & stored encrypted with SHA-256 Encryption.

Note: The Administrator of this pastebin cannot decode or make available the content of the protected paste if your password is forgotten. Uploaded Images/ Video & URL links are stored decrypted & can be viewed @ random to Protect Ourselves against Offensive Material. Images can be recovered by an Administrator if the correct information is provided by the author & content is deemed fit.

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